Pastor’s Welcome

I have pastored HMCRC since March 2010. Prior to that, my first charge in pastoring was to Bethel CRC in Saskatoon.

God takes care of you in amazing ways. So often you don’t even realize how and what and why! I began to experience God’s call into ministry when I was in elementary school. It started as this small, quiet voice in my head. Yeah, I thought I was hearing things. But it was clear, it was vivid, and it wasn’t me making noises to myself! That internal call was confirmed by several of my pastors who independently encouraged me to serve as a minister of the Word.

After graduating from U of Waterloo with a degree in Kinesiology, I worked and lived in a Christian community as a teacher at a boys’ boarding school in Alberta. I discovered much about this world, about life, and about myself. After seven years of teaching, I returned to school to prepare for more formal ministry.

My first academic stop was Tyndale Seminary in Toronto where I received a Master of Theological Studies. During my three years studies I worked in youth ministry and university campus ministry. After graduating from Tyndale, I moved to Grand Rapids, MI, where I attended Calvin Theological Seminary to obtain my M.Div.

Throughout my studies and ministry work I have had the opportunity to learn and grow not only in my faith, but in my understanding of that God is in control and ruler over all things. He looks after and sustains all of creation in an amazing and beautiful way.

From early on in life I’ve had my fingers in the soil of this earth. Playing, digging, preparing, discovering. I enjoy working in our vegetable garden and love the fruits of our labour… throughout the year. The thing with gardening is a patient spirit. Enjoying the fruits takes time! The snow melts, the earth dries, you work the soil, the soil warms up, you plant the seeds, and then 30-60 days later you can begin to enjoy some of the fruits. And then for the hard core gardeners, you can or freeze the fruits to enjoy through the winter.

Ministry is somewhat similar. You prepare, you wait, you watch, and sometimes it takes a very long time before you see the fruits of your labour. Sometimes you don’t even see those fruits because they take so very long!

Serving in The Holland Marsh, the vegetable basket of Ontario, is a blessing. One need only look out of my study window to see the labour of the farmers’ hands. Carrots, onions, beets, lettuce, celery, turnips, radishes, potatoes, and so on are growing just across the street, or are travelling down the road from field to barn, or barn to market. God has blessed the farmers with another good crop.

The Marsh is a picture of God’s faithfulness to beginning and finishing a good thing. From seed to fruit, from fruit to seed, sun and rain, heat and cold, we see God faithfully causing good things to grow… in the soil and in people’s hearts.

I hope and pray that the things you find in and around this website will be a blessing (read fertilizer) to help you grow in your faith as you walk with and serve your loving Saviour.

Pastor Richard Bodini