Sermons from October 2012

Matthew 18:21-35 "The Power of Forgiveness"

Posted by: Rev. Richard Bodini - October 28, 2012

Forgiveness! It’s one of those essential things in the Christian walk. All of us have asked for forgiveness? on multiple occasions. For errors both small and huge. Most of us have offered forgiveness for errors done to us. However, are there times we haven’t offered forgiveness? At what point do we hesitate in offering forgiveness? This parable is shocking! It will shake you to the core. It had better shake you to the core! Forgiveness? it shakes and shocks us all!



Posted by: Doug VandeKamp - October 21, 2012


Lord's Day 45 - Prayer... The Why, How, and What

Posted by: Rev. Richard Bodini - October 14, 2012

Christians pray. So many ask, how should I pray? What should I pray for? A lesser known question is "Why should I pray?" Lord's Day 45 answers some of those questions.


"IN! Does It Really Matther How or When? Really!"

Posted by: Rev. Richard Bodini - October 16, 2012

The parable in Matthew 20 concerns the workers in the vineyard. Some who work 12 hours, others 9 hours, and some 1 hour. Yet they are all paid the same wage. Seems unfair! In our eyes it is. But in the economy of the kingdom of God, seems just right.


Thanksgiving Meditations and Song

Posted by: Rev. Richard Bodini - October 9, 2012

Our Thanksgiving Day service filled with song, readings, prayer, and meditations.


Luke 14:15-24 - "You Skipped a Free Meal... for WHAT?"

Posted by: Rev. Richard Bodini - October 7, 2012

“Free dinner at Scaramouche on Avenue Road in Toronto!” After looking at the menu? I would try it? for free! Who would say no to a free meal, especially a great banquet! Who would walk away from the party of the century? In today’s parable, three people “could not come” to the banquet. Frustrated, angry, and upset, the master instructs the servants to gather the less fortunate and bring them to the banquet? because the meal is all set to go! Would you go? You might be surprised? maybe shocked by what this parable is asking of us.