Job 19 - How Long

Rev. Richard Bodini - October 13, 2013

Job is one of those Bible books that we as Christians have a hard time explaining to those outside the church. And sometimes inside the church. The book certainly cuts to the chase and hits us with HUGE questions. The NIV Study Bible says, “Throughout recorded history people have asked: If God is almighty and is truly good, how can He allow such an outrage? Which leaves us with three possibilities: 1) God is not almighty after all; 2) God is not just; 3) humans may be innocent.” Which would mean our suffering in this life is directly related to the amount of our guilt seen in the eyes of God. Job is troubling. Job is comforting. Job doesn’t answer our questions. Job brings us to a place where we can acknowledge that we, God’s people, may not understand why God acts the way He does, we can rest in the assurance of knowing that God understands. Job 19 is Job’s fourth speech. This is his response to Bildad. These speeches are filled with raw emotion, pain. They are a clear expression of the depth of Job’s suffering. In many ways Job’s words are our words.