Job 23 - Where Are You, God?

Rev. Richard Bodini - October 18, 2013

Job is troubling. Job is comforting. Job doesn’t answer our questions. Job brings us to a place where we can acknowledge that we, God’s people, may not understand why God acts the way He does, we can rest in the assurance of knowing that God understands. Chapters 23-24 are from another response by Job to his friends. Things are not turning for the better. In fact, they are probably getting much worse. Job feels even more cut off from everyone, including God. He feels so alone. Imagine the darkest space possible? you are in it? no one is there. Everywhere you turn, there is nothingness. You can’t even touch a wall. You don’t even hear your own voice as you shout. Silence! What do you do? Where do you go? Job is our example. So too the psalmists. In this bitter cry/prayer, Job and we find hope!