Sermons from April 2015

Matthew 28:1-10 -- Go! And Tell!

Rev. Richard Bodini - April 5, 2015


1 John 1:1 - 2:2 -- Walking In The Light

Rev. - April 12, 2015


1 John 2:3-27 -- Living As Light

Rev. Richard Bodini - April 19, 2015


Bible Vision: The Correct Lens for a Christian's Education

Rev. Richard Bodini - April 26, 2015

This morning we celebrate Christian education. This comes through Christian schools, next door to us (for the next couple of months) at HMDCS, at TDCH, in Barrie at Timothy. As well as at Redeemer, Kings, and Calvin. It also comes by way of Christians who teach and work in the public system. We give thanks for the gift of Christian education. The special gift of our Christian schools is unique because of the clear, open, and free voice that they have in teaching our children.