Sermons from September 2016

Lord's Day 34, Psalm 1, Matthew 5:27-30 -- One God! And Only One!

Rev. Richard Bodini - September 4, 2016

The Law of God is our guide to free and healthy living. If your doctor says you have a choice on how to live, you might listen. Your current lifestyle will result in large problems early on. While this recommended healthier lifestyle that is somewhat different than reality will result in giving you more energy and a significantly longer lifespan. Which one do you choose? We face the same kind of choice when God invites us into the freedom of living a life of thanksgiving that comes from following the pattern provided with the 10 Commandments.


Lord's Dy 35, Psalm 115 -- Not unto Us, O Lord of Heaven

Rev. Richard Bodini - September 11, 2016

“You shall not make an idol.” This commandment has the most severe punishment of the first four. Why? Israel has just left an idol infested community and journeys toward a similarly infested land. They will be severely tempted. We live in similar times. The second command focuses our worshipping the only true God.


Lord's Day 36, Exodus 3:5-15, Psalm 99 -- The Name of the Lord is Holy

Rev. Richard Bodini - September 18, 2016

The third commandment guides the gift and our use of the Lord’s name. His name is holy. It is special. It is to be used with care and reverence. How we live as Christians is a demonstration of how we respect and represent the name of the Lord. Our Christian living is an important part of our keeping His name holy. God invites us into the freedom of praising and living into the reverent use of His name, and that our respectful use of it assures us that He is always with us.


Lord’s Day 38, Deuteronomy 5:12–15, Luke 4:14–21 -- Sabbath Resting

Rev. Richard Bodini - September 25, 2016

Sunday rules... we all grew up with them. Stories could be told about our Sunday upbringings. About our neighbours. About the pastor's kids. Was it God's intention for us to create multiple rules to guide and shape our Sunday/Sabbath living? The thankful living that we are invited into requires some guidelines, but it should free us to celebrate our gift of new life in Christ. Sunday is a different day. It is and should always be a festive day of rest. What does that mean?