Sermons from February 2017

1 Kings 18:1-46 -- Showdown on Carmel: God's Second or Third or 50th Chance to Israel

Rev. Richard Bodini - February 5, 2017

Elijah on Mount Carmel is one of those memorable Sunday School stories. Elijah confronts evil King Ahab, God sends heavenly fire and wins the day. Israel returns to God. The prophets of Baal are slaughtered. Does this really apply to us today? If so how? Where does the faith of Elijah come into play in this?


1 John 1:7; 2Corinthians 5:17-21 -- Authenticity: Honest to God, and Others

Rev. Rich Grift - February 12, 2017


2 Kings 5 -- The Unusual Arrival of Naaman's Faith

Rev. Richard Bodini - February 19, 2017

Naaman did bad things. He was a military commander who took part in and lead raiding parties that struck Israel. People were killed or stolen. Women were probably raped and left beaten. The land was ravaged. We don’t know any of this though, except that Naaman did take a young Israelite girl to be a servant for his wife. God was gracious, loving, and compassionate as He looked after Naaman and guided him to wholeness and health, physically and spiritually.


2 Chronicles 34; 35:20-27 -- King Josiah Seeks the Lord

Rev. Richard Bodini - February 26, 2017

The story of Josiah is known… and unknown. Most of us remember the 8-year old king. That story is unique. There are unexpected twists and turns. I totally forgot about the prophetess. Things for Josiah don’t end as we would hope. Throughout the story we are reminded that God works His control and power through people, things, and events in order to carry out His salvation story.