Sermons from May 2017

Acts 9:32-43 -- Decisive Display of Faith

Rev. Richard Bodini - May 7, 2017

Peter has left Jerusalem to travel the countryside in order to connect with Jewish Christians. The adventures of Peter are located in a tight knit group here. A healing and a resurrection story make an incredible impact on the faith for the wider community. Jesus and the Holy Spirit’s work through Peter for the glory of God and furthering of the church.


Acts 12:1-19 -- Set Free!

Rev. Richard Bodini - May 14, 2017

How many of us, like Peter, find ourselves locked up in prison? How many of us are locked up in prison by the hand and actions of others? Peter is set free, not by anything he did or desired. It was by the grace of God he was released from chains. Same for you and me. We have been set free… to serve and bless and encourage and sustain and grow. Thanks be to God for this gift!


Acts 13:13-52 -- God's Faithfulness... Our Response

Rev. Richard Bodini - May 21, 2017

Paul’s first sermon makes an impact! A large number of people, Jew and Gentile, respond to Paul’s sermon… in positive and negative ways. Some turn to the Lord, filled with joy and the Holy Spirit. Others become jealous and selfish and angry, stirring up persecution and driving Paul and Barnabas out of town. How do you respond to the gospel, the truth of God’s Word, the Law and the Prophets? However, Paul’s sermon is not about how we respond, it’s about how God responds… with ongoing, never failing, always present, great faithfulness! Thanks be to God!


Acts 15:36-16:40 -- Conflict, Encouragement and God's Devine Guiding

Rev. Richard Bodini - May 28, 2017

Conflict. Encouragement. Hope. Human planning and divine guidance. Themes we encounter in this morning’s text. We see God working through each step of the way. Paul wanted some things… but God had a different plan. How do you, we navigate life and church and community when God says “no” to some things and “yes” to others?