Sermons from September 2017

Malachi 1:1-5, 2:1-9, 3:16-4:6 -- Coming Soon To This World: The Day of the Lord

Rev. Richard Bodini - September 6, 2017

Malachi is the last book in the Old Testament. It is a prophecy filled with both judgment and redemption. Rebuke and reassurance. The Lord is coming! A promise that brings both fear and festivities. The Lord is COMING! The season of pain and suffering will come to an end… and Judgment Day will be here. Malachi brings a message of “return to the Lord” mixed lightly with a word of blessing for the Jews… and for us here, today.


Esther 4 -- This is Your Time

Rev. Richard Bodini - September 10, 2017

The book of Esther is unique in that it does not contain the word “God” or “Lord” nor does it have prayer, sacrifice, or worship. So does it have any religious value? Many of us have heard the story of Esther and her bravery in the face of tragedy. Living into that is not easy or straightforward. It is frightening. How do we determine we are in a “position for such a time as this”? And what exactly do we do when we get there?


Numbers 22:21-41 -- Donkey!?!?

Rev. Richard Bodini - September 17, 2017

Numbers 22 is one of the strangest stories in the Bible. A famous movie contains one of the main characters from our text. Who would have thought of a talking donkey. Yet, God speaks in amazing and sometimes unbelievable ways. His message goes out to the ends of the earth. It goes out through whomever He chooses, in the way He desires. Once again we give thanks for God’s grace and power.

1 Kings 3:7-28 -- Wisdom in Parenting

Rev. Richard Bodini - September 24, 2017

This morning we celebrate with the Horlings family in the baptism of Darren. We celebrate the blessing of a child, the wonderful work of the Holy Spirit, and the covenant faithfulness of the Lord God upon His people. This morning’s text is part of a year long look at the faith stories of God’s people and more importantly God’s faithfulness. It was selected last July, before Darren was even conceived. God is truly awesome in how He holds all things in His hand.