Sermons from October 2017

1 Thessalonians 5:12—28; Luke 17:11-19 -- Giving Thanks in All Things

Rev. Richard Bodini - October 9, 2017

This morning we celebrate our giving thanks to God for all His grace and mercy undeservedly poured out upon us. Both texts provide instruction on giving thanks. One is from a foreigner surrounded by those in the know, who didn’t say thanks. Paul urges us to “give thanks in all circumstances” which should raise significant questions as well as raise us to a new level of giving thanks.   


John 14:1-14 -- Knowing Jesus More and More

Rev. Richard Bodini - October 15, 2017

What do Thomas and Philip’s statements to Jesus mean? They come to Jesus a few hours before He is betrayed, convicted, and killed. Yet they speak a powerful message to us. A message of hope, of instruction (eternal), of action. What will you do with this gift? Christ invites all his baptized people who trust in Christ as their Savior to dine at his table, where he will feed them with himself by the Holy Spirit. Come to receive all the benefits and blessings of his atoning death, his life-giving resurrection, and his ascended lordship.


Acts 6:8-7:60 -- Knowing Your Story, Sharing Your Faith

Rev. Richard Bodini - October 22, 2017

This morning we’ll hear the powerful story of Stephen. He is called the first Christian martyr. He tells a story, the story of his Saviour Jesus. The story of his faith. The story of the religious rulers who rejected Jesus, which Stephen says directly to them! Stephen knew his faith story and he wasn’t ashamed to share it. Do you know your story? Could you, would you, will you share it?


Jude 1-23 -- Down the Slippery Slope

Mr. Joseph Bowman - October 29, 2017

We welcome Mr. Joseph Bowman who will lead us in worship this morning. Joseph is a member of CrossPoint CRC in Brampton and is a Pastoral Elder on their church council. Joseph is Licensed to Exhort in Classis Toronto.