Sermons from November 2017

Philippians 4:10-20 -- Changing the Story of World Hunger

Rev. Richard Bodini - November 5, 2017

This morning we reflect on what we can do to help those affected by hunger. The numbers are staggering, overwhelming. We alone could never help them all. But we can help a few, a handful. For them we CAN and MUST make a difference. Sometimes we wonder how we can do this. Philippians 4:19 provides a ray of hope, God will meet our needs. God will look after His creation… through His creatures, us.


Genesis 19:1-29 -- What He Says We Will.... Do/Forget

Rev. Richard Bodini - November 12, 2017

This morning’s text is one of those strange ones. It isn’t preached on very often… except to maybe cover the story of Lot or to speak on punishment for the specific sin of the people of Sodom and Gomorrah. The story is one of grace and mercy. What I want to focus on is Lot’s wife… on her faith(less) story. Why did this have to happen? What do we take from it? Where do we go with it? What will you receive in this?


Acts 2:42-47; 4:32-36 -- Faith-Filled Fellowship

Rev. Richard Bodini - November 19, 2017

This morning we gladly welcome Kathy VanderKloet, Resonate Global Mission missionary in Nigeria, as she shares about the work she has been engaged in since we last saw her 2 years ago. We also reflect on the work of the early church as they testify to the resurrection power of Jesus in and around Jerusalem. The work is also in how they lived a faith-full life through their actions and trust.


Acts 10:1-48 -- Expanding Vision... and When to Act

Rev. Richard Bodini - November 26, 2017

Peter had a biblical standard for the way things had to be. Then God spoke to him in a vision/dream. What do you do? How do you change? When God expands your vision… how do you respond? How quickly? This is an intriguing passage in so many different ways… and frustrating in so many others.