Sermons from December 2017

John 4:1-26 -- Worship in Spirit and Truth

Rev. Richard Bodini - December 3, 2017

Today begins the season of Advent. A time of anticipation and preparation for Christmas. It is our reminder that Jesus came to earth 2000 years ago a first time. Advent is our time of preparation for Jesus’ return to earth a second time. This Advent worship series comes from Reformed Worship and is called “The Peaceable Kingdom: A Christmas Fulfillment.” Peace came to Israel… but it took time. It wasn’t overnight. So also for us… peace and The Return of the King will take time. Can we be patient as we anticipate?

Matthew 2:1-18 -- The Geography of God: Egypt

Rev. Jul Medenblik - December 10, 2017

This morning we welcome Calvin Theological Seminary President Rev. Jul Medenblik to the pulpit. We are thankful for the work he does on behalf of the denomination with the education and preparation of new preachers and teachers. Jul will take us on geographical journey… but not one you might expect. Follow along on the sermon outline sheets provided.


Isaiah 9:1-7; Matthew 4:12-17 -- Kingdom Peace For God's People in Jesus

Rev. Richard Bodini - December 17, 2017

Jesus arrived as a baby. Like most children, He grew, physically and emotionally and spiritually. He didn’t stay little. The prophets point to a coming Messiah, Saviour. Isaiah’s words of chapter 9 are well known, but begin with something concrete… that we skip over relatively quickly. But they provide a geographical point of reference from which Jesus begins His preaching ministry.


Romans 8:18-25 -- Christ's Peaceable Kingdom: Creation's Hope for Release

Rev. Richard Bodini - December 24, 2017

Advent is a time of waiting. When one waits well, it is intertwined with the strong cord of hope. Hope is based on something we have a picture of… but have not yet seen or experienced. We hope for a peaceable kingdom… for which we all have pictures of, but have not seen. As Paul encourages, “If we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently.” Here we wait for Jesus to return and usher in that peaceable kingdom in all of its richness and completeness. Maranatha!


Luke 2:8-21 -- The Peace Child

Rev. Richard Bodini - December 25, 2017


Romans 3:9-26 -- The Weighing of the Heart

Rev. Andrew Vis - December 31, 2017

What sets Christianity apart from all other religions is the doctrine of grace. It's not what we do for him; it's what he freely does for us.