Sermons from March 2018

John 12:20-36 -- Death is Coming

Rev. Richard Bodini - March 4, 2018

So many people wanted to talk to Jesus. Few of these interactions are recorded. What makes the request of the Greek delegation so important? Why are they brought to Jesus? What is Jesus' purpose in responding to an unknown question? What is Jesus saying to us... today?


John 12:37-50 -- Believe... Not Believe, Believe

Rev. Richard Bodini - March 11, 2018

Some things are simply too much to believe. Other things are pretty straight-forward. Then there are the things we want to believe... that place us into a position where we will lose traction and prestige in the public sphere. We know what the right the thing to do is... doing it is a different story.


John 13:1-17 -- Foot washing Example... and Preparation

Rev. Richard Bodini - March 18, 2018

Jesus foot washing action at the Passover meal has shaped Maundy Thursday services, ordination practices, and Christian service for 2000 years. The disciples are uncomfortable with this action... as are many people today. Yet, the servant model is the desired example for Christian leaders today. So why?


John 12:12-19 -- Jesus Enters Jerusalem... As King!

Rev. Richard Bodini - March 25, 2018

The Triumphal Entry... Palm Sunday... appears to just happen. However, when we slow down and take another look at it through the lens of each of the gospel writers... it takes on a much more purposed view. Jerusalem doesn’t welcome Jesus as King... though the massive crowds sing “Hosanna to the King” as Jesus rides into the city. In a few days’ time, the city will shout “Crucify!” Holy Week is a journey of emotions and reflection and focus.