Sermons from February 2019

Character: The Qaulities of A Steward

Rev. Richard Bodini - February 3, 2019

Character is the first building block for a steward. Our character is formed and fashioned by many things. Hopefully Jesus takes a primary role in it. Who we “be” with what we “have.” Where do we find ultimate security. Being set apart, holiness, will guide us to the qualities that Paul presents in his letter to the Galatians. The fruit of the Spirit form the biggest part of our qualities lived out in love.


Commission: What Stuff Is For

Rev. Richard Bodini - February 10, 2019

Commission. To work with. To send out with a task. Jesus gives the Great Commission in Matthew 28 to his disciples and to us. Commission is also an underlying activity that we engage with as stewards of creation. God is renewing creation… and we are co-creators with Him as we craft and develop and work with our God-given gifts and talents. Our actions and our stuff help renew creation and relationships. How are you using them?



Jason Tafff - February 17, 2019


Commission: Faithful Workers In Our Corner

Rev. Richard Bodini - February 24, 2019

Vines and branches are found throughout the Middle East. There are different ways of growing them. The way we think and imagine… and the other way. As we join God in our commission of stewardship, we need to remember (and realize) that no one person can do everything. We are simply called to be faithful instruments where we are with what we have been given. When we stay close to Christ, we remain faithful and secure.