Sermons from August 2020

Luke 11:1-4;11-13 -- "Father..."

Pastor Ben Gresik - August 16, 2020

We are beginning four Sundays of studying the Lord's prayer as it appears in Luke. This version of the Lord's Prayer is less familiar to us than the one that appears in Matthew, but it helps to catch our attention even though it seems very familiar. Our focus today is on how we address God as "Father".


Luke 11:2-4, Luke 1:46-55 -- "Hallowed Be Your Name"

Pastor Ben Gresik - August 27, 2020

This morning we’re on week two of a look at the Lord’s Prayer as it’s recorded in Luke 11. Today we’ll be talking about the line “Hallowed be your Name” and what that strange word “Hallow” means and how that can play out in our lives.